Are You in the Line? RSSI-based Queue Detection in Crowds

11월 21st, 2017|publications-ko|

Crowd behaviour analytics focuses on behavioural characteristics of groups of people instead of individuals’ activities. This work considers human queuing behaviour which is a specific crowd behaviour of groups. We design a plug-and-play system solution to the queue detection problem based on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) received signal strength indicators (RSSIs) captured by multiple signal sniffers. The goal of this work is to determine if a device is in the queue based on only RSSIs. The key idea is to [...]

Analysis of Security Standardisation for the Internet of Thing

11월 21st, 2017|publications-ko|

Recently, Internet of Things (IoT)-related studies actively being conducted in various fields. Like conventional network system, IoT can also be a target for security attacks. With these problems for IoT security being magnified, many researchers are studying and developing countermeasures. Although a lot of companies launch products and services, they do not know how to apply countermeasures to products and services without interoperability problems. In IoT environments, integration is a necessary process between heterogeneous products and services from multiple vendors. [...]

Secure IoT Platform for Industrial Control Systems

11월 21st, 2017|publications-ko|

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, are part of industrial control system (ICS), have been playing crucial roles in real-time industrial automation and controls. Through the evolution of 3rd generation, or networks based system, SCADA systems are connected to almost types of networks such as wired, wireless, and cellular and satellite communication, but security is still a big challenge for SCADA system while communicating within. Internet of things (IoT) is a ubiquitous platform, a new advance enhancement, for efficient [...]

Security Requirement Analysis for the IoT

11월 21st, 2017|publications-ko|

  Due to the rapid growth of network infrastructure and sensor, the age of the IoT (internet of things) that can be implemented into the smart car, smart home, smart building, and smart city is coming. IoT is a very useful ecosystem that provides various services (e.g., amazon echo); however, at the same time, risk can be huge too. Collecting information to help people could lead serious information leakage, and if IoT is combined with critical control system (e.g., train [...]

Flexible Internet-of-Things Platform using Docker

11월 21st, 2017|publications-ko|

It is common for Internet of Things (IoT) devices to behave as client and servers. As IoT devices require various features based on their roles in a service, IoT manufacturers are facing difficulties in composing various IoT features in a device. Containers are helpful to IoT devices managing required features and orchestrating its behavior through an IoT application packaging mechanism. Therefore, we have explored a feasibility of this packaging concept further in a prototype implementation using IoT open source platforms [...]

Hairspring: Online graph processing middleware for temporal networks

11월 21st, 2017|publications-ko|

The researches of temporal graph have been conducted in interdisciplinary fields and applied to various kinds of networks; online social network, cell biology network, neural network, ecological network, etc. However, processing and understanding the networks would be complicated for application developers due to their high velocity and volume. Also, the heterogeneity of the networks incurs their unified usage. Therefore, we propose the online graph processing middleware for temporal networks, namely Hairspring. The middleware is based on the temporal property graph, [...]

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