Where to meet the WISE-IoT team !

Wise-IoT in OCOVA forum

The Wise-IoT consortium recently participated in the 14th edition of OCOVA forum. This edition has as main focus “the smart technologies for mountain” or simply “Smart mountain”.  The event was held 11 January 2018 in [...]

IoT4Tourism: using the Internet of Things to create a great experience for tourists

The Wise-IoT consortium recently organised a two-day Hackathon, titled IoT4Tourism, in conjunction with the leading consumer fair IFA and the IEEE ICCE conference. The event was held between 3-4 September 2017 at the just concluded [...]

Wise IoT Webinar: IoT for Tourism

IoT4Tourism: use the Internet of Things to create a great experience for tourists

The WISE-IoT consortium is organising a two-day Hackathon, IoT4Tourism Hackathon, which holds between 3-4 of September 2017 at the IEEE ICCE-Berlin conference, in conjunction with the IFA fair. This two-day Hackathon will draw developers from around [...]

February 2017

France2 channel interview Journalist from France2 channel interviewed Gema Igual, Major of the city, abou the concept of Santander as Smart City and those projects and initiatives carried out in the city in the Smart [...]

February 2017

Meeting with representatives of Japanese entities During one day and a half, a delegation of Japanese entities visited Santander with the goal of knowing how Santander conceives Smart City concept, which actions have been carried [...]