Wise-IoT in OCOVA forum

The Wise-IoT consortium recently participated in the 14th edition of OCOVA forum. This edition has as main focus “the smart technologies for mountain” or simply “Smart mountain”.  The event was held 11 January 2018 in Les Orres ski resort, France. During the event Dr. Franck Le Gall and Dr. Rémi DRUILHE present the Wise-IoT smart [...]

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IoT4Tourism: using the Internet of Things to create a great experience for tourists

The Wise-IoT consortium recently organised a two-day Hackathon, titled IoT4Tourism, in conjunction with the leading consumer fair IFA and the IEEE ICCE conference. The event was held between 3-4 September 2017 at the just concluded IEEE ICCCE conference in Berlin, Germany.  The two-day event drew developers from various countries into a team of designers and [...]

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Wise IoT Webinar: IoT for Tourism

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IoT4Tourism: use the Internet of Things to create a great experience for tourists

The WISE-IoT consortium is organising a two-day Hackathon, IoT4Tourism Hackathon, which holds between 3-4 of September 2017 at the IEEE ICCE-Berlin conference, in conjunction with the IFA fair. This two-day Hackathon will draw developers from around the globe into a team of designers and IoT engineers from WISE-IoT consortium exploring how IoT can be exploited to [...]

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February 2017

France2 channel interview Journalist from France2 channel interviewed Gema Igual, Major of the city, abou the concept of Santander as Smart City and those projects and initiatives carried out in the city in the Smart City domain. The objective of this interview is to elaborate a news report. Links:

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February 2017

Meeting with representatives of Japanese entities During one day and a half, a delegation of Japanese entities visited Santander with the goal of knowing how Santander conceives Smart City concept, which actions have been carried out and also the planned ones focused on the transformation of Santander as a real Smart City. This delegation consisted [...]

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February 2017

Webinar: Unlocking the Value of IoT Through Big Data The Internet of Things is generating a huge amount of data that is currently retained in vertical silos. However, a true IoT is dependent on the availability and confluence of rich data sets from multiple systems, organizations and verticals which will usher in the next generation [...]

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January 2017

Kick-off meeting of Synchronicity project The majoress of the city attended to the kick-off meeting of a new Smart City H2020 project named ‘SynchroniCity’,which aimes at create standards to allow the interoperability and connectivity between different Smart Cities technologies based on Internet of Things. The model of Santander as Smart city was presented, together with [...]

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November 2016

Managing Networks of Things Smart environments such as smart cities, smart buildings or smart homes experience an unprecedented growth in scale, functionality heterogeneity with the massive development of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Driven by vastly varying requirements and device capabilities, the networking technologies in use in IoT solutions are fundamentally heterogeneous, spanning [...]

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October 2016

Meeting with German enterpreneurs The employment and business development city councillor, Ms. Ana González Pescador,  welcomed a delegation of German enterpreneurs who were interested in knowing the innovation model of Santander. This delegation gathered representatives of companies such as Hab, Acalor, Den, Gummifabrick, Stadwerke, IMG Nord and Helix Energy GMBH, which belong to different sectors [...]

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