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Wise IoT Webinar: IoT for Tourism

IoT4Tourism: use the Internet of Things to create a great experience for tourists

The WISE-IoT consortium is organising a two-day Hackathon, IoT4Tourism Hackathon, which holds between 3-4 of September 2017 at the IEEE ICCE-Berlin conference, in conjunction with the IFA fair. This two-day Hackathon will draw [...]

Promoting Smart City model to Lufthansa magazine

Meeting with a journalist from Lufthansa magazine The major of the city, Mrs. Gema Igual, welcomed a journalist from Lufthansa magazine interested in knowing the model of Santander as Smart city. The journalist attended a [...]

February 2017

Meeting with representatives of Japanese entities During one day and a half, a delegation of Japanese entities visited Santander with the goal of knowing how Santander conceives Smart City concept, which actions have been carried [...]

February 2017

Webinar: Unlocking the Value of IoT Through Big Data The Internet of Things is generating a huge amount of data that is currently retained in vertical silos. However, a true IoT is dependent on the [...]

November 2016

Managing Networks of Things workshop, co-located with IETF97 meeting. Managing Networks of Things Smart environments such as smart cities, smart buildings or smart homes experience an unprecedented growth in scale, functionality heterogeneity with the massive [...]