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Security Requirements and Strategies based on RFID and IoT Technology for National Defense

There were some limitations to use a RFID in the field of national defense. In this paper, in order to overcome the limitation of the RFID and enhance national defense security, we adopt the Internet of Things (IoT). We analyze the security requirements for the RFID and IoT, and propose two scenarios, which can be [...]

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A Mechanism for Reliable Mobility Management for Internet of Things Using CoAP

Under unreliable constrained wireless networks for Internet of Things (IoT) environments, the loss of the signaling message may frequently occur. Mobile Internet Protocol version 6 (MIPv6) and its variants do not consider this situation. Consequently, as a constrained device moves around different wireless networks, its Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity may be frequently disrupted and power [...]

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october 2017

Improvement of Tourism municipal service through the use of new technologies Meeting with representatives of Tourism municipal service and town councillor for Tourism to identify their main needs and how new techonologies may help them not only to improve their daily work, but also the quality of service provision. One of their needs is to [...]

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October 2017

Meeting with representatives of Transportation, Environment and Computing municipal services Meeting with representatives of Municipal services, including Municipal Engineer, General Director of Environment, chief of Computing Department, chief of Transportation department, chief of sustainable development department, in order to analise the current status of several urban services (transportation, waste & street cleanning, water and streetlight) [...]

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October 2017

Meeting with representatives of German Ministry of the Environment Representatives of German Ministry of the Environment interested in the work of Santander about intelligent management of urban services have visited the city. They have been informed about city scale innovation projects such as waste management and streetlight management and also, about pilots experiences developed through [...]

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September 2017

oneM2M certification of SDS SamsungSDS announced new version of Insator™(2.1) last July covers not only oneM2M standards but also OCF cloud implementation. Furthermore, they released new features such as event rule modeler, data visualization and advanced firmware management targeting enterprise IoT applications. Insator™ is an enterprise IoT platform in Samsung group that manages the end-to-end life [...]

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IoT4Tourism: using the Internet of Things to create a great experience for tourists

The Wise-IoT consortium recently organised a two-day Hackathon, titled IoT4Tourism, in conjunction with the leading consumer fair IFA and the IEEE ICCE conference. The event was held between 3-4 September 2017 at the just concluded IEEE ICCCE conference in Berlin, Germany.  The two-day event drew developers from various countries into a team of designers and [...]

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September 2017

ETSI ISG CIM Standardisation Group Introduced Context Information Management(CIM) Concepts The Industry Standardisation Group of ETSI comprises both ETSI and non-ETSI members who cooperate on specific scope of works with no fees and with low overhead. They work independent of other technical groups of ETSI. The Context Information Management(CIM) was founded by Wise-IoT consortium [...]

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Wise IoT Webinar: IoT Device Connectivity

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Wise IoT webinar: How to Build IoT Applications

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