logo-KETISince its launch in 1991, Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) has been acclaimed as a business-friendly research institute, the best-of-its-kind in Korea. KETI has been engaged in electronics and ICT-related research and development, the transfer of R&D results to private sector, and the support for commercialization, all aimed at promoting the development of next-generation products and new industries as well as supporting small and medium sized enterprises to secure their competitiveness. As part of our initiative to develop core technologies and to secure their intellectual property rights, KETI nowadays is focusing on the major technologies: IoT application service—collects and analyzes information through sensor networks and IoT and offers application services, next-generation UI/UX—HW/SW solution technologies to improve user convenience that involves touch, image, gesture, and voice recognition, ubiquitous energy—portable energy technology like energy storage, harvesting, generation and wireless power transmission to make future ubiquitous energy, smart media platform service—technologies related to smart media contents production, editing, transmission and embodiment, smart robot components—context awareness and motion control technologies for smart robots, solutions for smart cars—driving, safety, and communication-related technologies that can be applied to smart cars and ITS. As a result of our effort to innovation in technologies, KETI was named among 2012 Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators for innovative & high-quality patents. In today’s globalization era, KETI is pursuing the establishment of mutually beneficial international collaborations with more than 120 global institutions and companies for technology innovation. Also, more than 80 companies are involved in KGA (KETI Global Alliance) membership for global partnership and collaboration. KETI is composed of about 640 science & technology experts (as of 2013) with excellent academic and professional background. In 2013, KETI has earned €55M R&D fund from Korea government and companies.

Wise-IoT intends to advance state of the art in relation to large scale semantic interoperability through its use within the practical but still challenging case of a recommendation system. To this respect, KETI has been actively participating in oneM2M standard but also driving key semantic features in oneM2M architecture such as semantic annotation and semantic discovery, which would be included in oneM2M Rel.2. In addition, KETI promotes oneM2M based open source implementations through OCEAN (Open alliance for iot standard) and conducts several demonstrations regarding oneM2M based interworking implementations with industry oriented IoT standards (OCF, AllJoyn). Based on this expertise, in Wise-IoT, KETI will contribute to the architecture design of interworking structure between oneM2M and other IoT standard platforms and designing semantic annotation structure which supports semantic interoperability between heterogeneous platforms in particular for oneM2M and FIWARE. Furthermore, KETI will work on the development of oneM2M focused interworking proxy gluing oneM2M and industry oriented IoT standards platform (OCF, AllJoyn) and moreover develop a semantic proxy, which provides context-aware based semantic annotation and translation.

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