logo-IMTInstitut Mines-Telecom (IMT) includes five centres of excellence across the country. IMT is a centre of higher education and research in telecommunications providing graduate programs in engineering and management of telecommunications services and networks. The institute includes more than 170 full time researchers, excluding adjunct professors and visiting lecturers, from both industry and academic institutions who contribute their experience and expertise in the field of telecommunications systems and networks. Telecom SudParis (TSP) (Service Architecture Laboratory) is a member of the Association of Graduate Schools and the European Foundation for Management Development. The Service Architecture Lab  is a leading research group with a focus on Future Services. The team works in collaboration with key players from industry and academia around the world. The major areas of expertise are in Service Architecture, Online Social Networks, and Internet of Things. Beyond academic research, the team shares and disseminates its results through active cooperation with leaders from the communications industry. The laboratory is one of the few academic groups that is contributing to standardisation at IETF, IRTF, oneM2M and ITU-T.

IMT-TSP is leading mainly three tasks in the project at European side, i.e., data and semantic interoperability validation, cross sites field trials management involving end-users and dissemination, communication and replication. IMT-TSP will contribute towards heterogeneous data modeling and sharing for context-aware decision making in the project using the use cases data. IMT-TSP will model and share the heterogeneous data of use cases in the project to share it among the use cases. The shared data will aid intelligent decision making if it is combined with data from other sources, such as personal sensor data or analysed social networks information. The techniques of Social Media applied to IoT sensors provide a different way of analyzing sensor data. Social IoT (SIoT) assumes that sensors can have ‘social’ relationships between people and things, and between things and things that behave like social circles. IMT-TSP will exploit SIoT techniques and social network data, as well as intelligence and reasoning techniques to realize automated context-aware decision making across use cases that will be selected for this purpose.

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