Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of ubiquitous and personalized intelligent service delivery. It consists of interconnected, addressable and communicating everyday objects. To realize the full potentials of this new generation of ubiquitous systems, IoT’s `smart’ objects should be supported with intelligent platforms for data acquisition, pre-processing, classification, modeling, reasoning and inference including distribution. However, some current IoT systems lack these capabilities: they provide mainly the functionality for raw sensor data acquisition. In this paper, we propose a framework towards deriving high-level context information from streams of raw IoT sensor data, using artificial neural network (ANN) as context recognition model. Before building the model, raw sensor data were pre-processed using weighted average low-pass filtering and a sliding window algorithm. From the resulting windows, statistical features were extracted to train ANN models. Analysis and evaluation of the proposed system show that it achieved between 87.3% and 98.1% accuracies.

Paper Title: Towards Context Classification and Reasoning in IoT

Authors: Abayomi Moradeyo Otebolaku, Gyu Myoung Lee

Conference: ConTEL 2017

Date: 28-30 June 2017