Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is being used in various fields as a technology for identifying objects (people, things etc.) using radio frequencies. In the past, there was an attempt to apply RFID into national defence, but failed to spread RFID in the defence field because of some limitations of RFID in a specific situation (e.g., low recognition rate). Therefore, in this paper, we propose how to overcome the limitation of RFID by adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) technology which is considered as an important technology of the future. Furthermore, we propose four scenarios (i.e., healthcare band and RFID, identification and abnormal state detection, access control, and confidential document management) that can be used for enhancing national defence security. In addition, we analyse the basic characteristics and security requirements of RFID and IoT in order to effectively apply each technology and improve security level.

Paper Title: Study on Enhancing National Defense Security Based on RFID and Internet of Things Technology

Authors: Oh, Se-Ra, and Young-Gab Kim

Journal: Asia-pacific Journal of Multimedia Services Convergent with Art, Humanities, and Sociology

Date: February 2017