Due to the rapid growth of network infrastructure and sensor, the age of the IoT (internet of things) that can be implemented into the smart car, smart home, smart building, and smart city is coming. IoT is a very useful ecosystem that provides various services (e.g., amazon echo); however, at the same time, risk can be huge too. Collecting information to help people could lead serious information leakage, and if IoT is combined with critical control system (e.g., train control system), security attack would cause loss of lives. Furthermore, research on IoT security requirements is insufficient now. Therefore, this paper focuses on IoT security, and its requirements. First, we propose basic security requirements of IoT by analyzing three basic characteristics (i.e., heterogeneity, resource constraint, dynamic environment). Then, we suggest six key elements of IoT (i.e., IoT network, cloud, user, attacker, service, platform) and analyze their security issues for overall security requirements. In addition, we evaluate several IoT security requirement researches.

Paper Title: Security Requirement Analysis for the IoT

Authors: Oh, Se-Ra, and Young-Gab Kim

Conference: International Conference on Platform Technology and Service (PlatCon)

Date: 13-15 February 2017