Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, are part of industrial control system (ICS), have been playing crucial roles in real-time industrial automation and controls. Through the evolution of 3rd generation, or networks based system, SCADA systems are connected to almost types of networks such as wired, wireless, and cellular and satellite communication, but security is still a big challenge for SCADA system while communicating within. Internet of things (IoT) is a ubiquitous platform, a new advance enhancement, for efficient SCADA system, where billions of network devices, with smart sensing capabilities, are networked over the Internet access. Deployment of smart IoT platform, SCADA system will significantly increase system efficiency, scalability, and reduce cost. Security is still a major issue for both-, as they were initially designed without any priority and requirements of security. This study modeled IoT-SCADA system and deployed a security mechanism, employing of cryptography based algorithm, which provided a secure transmission channel while each time communication occurred, between the field devices in the SCADA system. Proposed security implementation, and computed measurements analyzed as potential security building block against authentication and confidentiality attacks.

Paper Title: Secure IoT Platform for Industrial Control Systems

Authors: Shahzad, AAmir, Young-Gab Kim, and Abulasad Elgamoudi

Conference: International Conference on Platform Technology and Service (PlatCon)

Date: 13-15 February 2017