Recently, Internet of Things (IoT)-related studies actively being conducted in various fields. Like conventional network system, IoT can also be a target for security attacks. With these problems for IoT security being magnified, many researchers are studying and developing countermeasures. Although a lot of companies launch products and services, they do not know how to apply countermeasures to products and services without interoperability problems. In IoT environments, integration is a necessary process between heterogeneous products and services from multiple vendors. Therefore, in order to provide interoperability between diverse products and services, they are able to follow the standard, which is one way of overcoming technical barriers caused by differences among them. However, a study related with the IoT security standard has not been previously reported in the research literature although some international organizations have published the IoT-related standards. In this paper, we analyze international standard organization and their standards for IoT security for business, consumers, and government to support IoT securityrelated considerations for developing products and services in IoT environments. Furthermore, we indicate the limitations of existing standards for IoT security, and propose improved directions to construct secure IoT environment.

Paper Title: Analysis of Security Standardisation for the Internet of Thing

Authors: Hwang, Intae, and Young-Gab Kim

Conference: International Conference on Platform Technology and Service (PlatCon)

Date: 13-15 February 2017