ETSI ISG CIM Standardisation Group Introduced Context Information Management(CIM) Concepts

The Industry Standardisation Group of ETSI comprises both ETSI and non-ETSI members who cooperate on specific scope of works with no fees and with low overhead. They work independent of other technical groups of ETSI. The Context Information Management(CIM) was founded by Wise-IoT consortium as an ETSI

Industry Standardisation group (ETSI ISG CIM). The ETSI ISG CIM, as parts of its obligations, has introduced the Context Information Management (CIM) Concepts in a public presentation in September 2017. Context Information Management is one of the key functionality provided by the Wise-IoT project platform.

The goals of the presentation were: to introduce to the public the scope and status of ETSI ISG CIM for exchanging context information, to explain an ETSI ISG (Industrial Specification Group) is, and to explain the wide spectrum of CIM’s intended applications e.g. Smartcity, SmartAgrifood, SmartIndustry. The presentation also was to highlight the main features and requirements for context information management and to hear “the best practice” for semantics, IoT, Open Data and Open Source from standardisation, academic and Industry communities. Additionally, the presentation allowed to get the ”buy in” of potential users and interworking partners. Presentation   was aimed to get feedback on the groups ideas and design choices.

Besides, the group is working to develop technical specifications and reports to enable multiple organisations to develop interoperable software implementations of a cross-cutting Context Information Management(CIM) layer. The group is also defining standard APIs for Context Information Management(CIM-API), to enable close to real-time update and access to information from many different context sources. The reference framework will enable applications to register context providers, update contexts, get current and historical context information and they will be able to subscribe to notifications on context information changes. The ETSI ISG CIM group is also working to identify appropriate ontologies and data publishing platforms, among others.

Some key stakeholders of ETSI ISG CIM are: Public Authorities, Linked Data Experts, Smart City Organisations, System Integrators, Open Source developers, Citizens, Farmers and many more. Wise-IoT consortium will continue to bring our interoperability solution concerning information access and knowledge processing to ETSI ISG CIM for standardisation.


For further information: Visit at: ETSI ISG CIM