Meeting with representatives of Japanese entities

As answer to the request sent by a partner of ClouT project, a delegation of Japanese entities was welcomed by the major of the city. The main goal of this visit was to know how Santander conceives the Smart City paradigm and also, how it is being tackled by the city council. This delegation consisted on six people, including representatives of Nikken Sekkei research institute (NSRI), Department of Urban Management at Kyoto University, Chuo University and Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation (NTT).

The agenda of the event was:

  • Iñigo de la Serna, the mayor of the city was in charge of welcoming and opening this event, talking about some of the innovation activities carried out in Santander within the Smart City Paradigm and also, others which are planned to be developed in the future.
  • Juan Ramón Santana, from University of Cantabria, presented the European projects initiatives which UC is currently involved, such as OrganiCity or Fiesta projects.
  • Sonia Sotero, from Santander City Council, presented the Smart City concept of Santander, the evolution of the city through a real Smart city and current and future actions to be carried out. Additionally, it was described the role and the strategy of the city in EU projects, especially in Wise-IoT project.
  • Pedro Anabitarte, from Telefonica, explained the Santander New Technologies Interpretation Centre, including the current mobile apps developed in Santander for citizens and visitors.
  • Finally, and as complement to the previous presentations, the Japanese delegation visited the deployment in city center, including different types of sensors such as environmental, parking, traffic, irrigation,