Meeting with German enterpreneurs

The employment and business development city councillor, Ms. Ana González Pescador,  welcomed a delegation of German enterpreneurs who were interested in knowing the innovation model of Santander. This delegation gathered representatives of companies such as Hab, Acalor, Den, Gummifabrick, Stadwerke, IMG Nord and Helix Energy GMBH, which belong to different sectors such as energy, electricity, TIC, construction, automotive and education.

The agenda of the event was:

  • Ana González Pescador was in charge of opening this event and also providing an overview of the innovation activities carried out in Santander within the Smart City Paradigm.
  • A representative of Santander city council presented how Santander conceives the Smart City concept, the evolution of the city through a real Smart City and current and future actions to be carried out. Additionally, the role and the strategy of the city in EU projects, such as Wise-IoT or Fiesta, were also described.
  • A representative of ASCAN explained how has been optimized the cleansing and waste management in the city by the use of technological advances, such as devices which allow know the location and the fill level of specific bins, a GPS control system and sensors installed at waste collection vehicles which allow collect air quality, temperature, humidity, etc.. along the city.
  • A representative of Telefonica explained the Santander New Technologies Interpretation Centre, including the mobile apps developed in Santander to be used for citizens and visitors.
  • The German delegation visited the deployment in the city, including level sensors (sensors for the cleansing and waste management), irrigation sensors (at Las Llamas park), environmental sensors, lighting sensors, traffic and parking sensors, parking panels,…

Additionally, they had the opportunity of visiting the Cantabria Scientific and Technological Park (PCTCAN) and meet with regional enterpreneurs.

Finally, the public German TV channel showed a report of Santander as Smart city, which includes an interview with the mayor of the city who highlighted the innovative initiatives carried out in the city, and also, an overview of the current sensor deployment and its use in the city.