Managing Networks of Things workshop, co-located with IETF97 meeting.

Managing Networks of Things

Smart environments such as smart cities, smart buildings or smart homes experience an unprecedented growth in scale, functionality heterogeneity with the massive development of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Driven by vastly varying requirements and device capabilities, the networking technologies in use in IoT solutions are fundamentally heterogeneous, spanning from wireless to wireline with very different communication characteristics.  In real world deployments, IoT networks are moreover often composed by the integration of different sub-networks with their respective legacies.  Consequently, the management of the networks connecting these devices has become quite complex and often a burden for the users and administrators.

This workshop is thus specially interested in the topics listed below:
– Approaches for the enhanced control and management of IoT networks,
– Network slicing management for heterogeneous IoT applications,
– Approaches for more user-friendly security management in IoT networks,
– IoT semantic interoperability issues,
– Automatic/self definition of IoT services composition or service chains,
– Operational and deployment experiences of IoT networks,

The workshop will take place on Sunday, November 13th at the Kensington Hotel Yoido, from 13:00 to 17:00.
The program will comprise a series of short presentations, with the majority of time for open discussions.
This event is sponsored by the the Wise-IoT project and IRTF NMRG.