logo-UCUniversity of Cantabria will be represented in the WISE-IoT project by the Network Planning and Mobile Communications Laboratory. The group has a strong background in the participation in various European projects and collaborative initiatives. In this sense, and related to the main topics to be tackled within the WISE-IoT project, it is worth highlighting the technical management that Prof. Luis Muñoz (head of the group) undertook in the SmartSantander project. In this sense, the access and exploitation of the SmartSantander platform is guaranteed throughout the lifetime of the project. With regards to the topics, UNICAN presents a great expertise in protocols and architecture design and implementation for mobile communication networks, context management and context-aware solutions, middleware platforms for sensor networks and other mobile technologies, IoT and contactless communication technologies.

The role of UNICAN within the WISE-IoT project is twofold: on the one hand, UNICAN will undertake all the technical activities related to the SmartSantander testbed. This means that all the datasets and data streams will be part of the IoT federation during the project’s lifetime, including those ones that might be included once the project has started (e.g. addition of new assets). Besides, UNICAN will have to address the data management plan so as to appropriately suit to the requirements requested by the forthcoming WISE-IoT platform (e.g. OneM2M semantics, FIWARE NGSI interfaces, FIWARE context management, etc.). On the other hand, UNICAN will also be responsible of leading WP4 (Cross sites trials implementation and evaluation), paying special attention to the design and implementation of the recommendation service deployment and the deployment of both “in-situ” and cross-site use cases/field trials. Moreover, UNICAN will make use of their infrastructure (in collaboration with SDR) as a basis for two out of the three proposed use cases: “Traffic Monitoring & Analysis” and “Wellness Wearable Life”.

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