logo-SANThe city of Santander has moved into the vanguard of smart cities, improving public services and developing policies oriented towards its citizens and the stimulation of a new business model of productivity for the city. Among the projects, the SmartSantander project has established a before and after in the way of conceiving and organizing innovation in the city. Thus, Santander is well-known as a living lab in which to experiment with new technologies, applications and services. A sustainability model has been developed based on the creation of a City Platform. All the urban services must be integrated into it, as they are tendered with the aim of developing true intelligence in the Smart City. The City Council of Santander has been characterized by their eagerness to provide a more efficient city management and closer to the citizen through the use of new technologies.

The main aspects in which Santander will collaborate in this project are in providing the Local Government support in all tasks carry out, analysis from the point of view of a currently running Smart City, review and check results of the uses cases to deploy in the city. Santander will also gathers various communities by promoting citizens’ participation through workshops and meetings and ensuring communication and dissemination in national and international events.

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